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Decimated my saving

November 27th, 2009 at 04:59 pm

One of the reasons why I don't bother with date specific goals anymore is because I can't keep them. Something always came up to either speed up or delay the goals. Perfect example is this:

I initially planned to get a Yaris back during July. That plan was then pushed back to July of next year. Then some price and model adjustment and well, I'm now the happy owner of a Toyota Camry instead. Got it for $6k.

Title of our place was also transferred over to my name and with it came all the responsibility of an owner. I had to set aside $5k for the rent account and a monthly outflow of $1k.

Since the car cost less than I anticipated, I decided to fully funded my IRA. Which meant another $3k out of the saving account.

Earning for November is also the lowest YTD.

On the bright side, I managed to save $500 per month for both October and November.