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December 22nd, 2009 at 07:55 am

Whoowoo! I'm done with school and hopefully I won't feel the urge to go back for the torture anytime soon. These past few months have been horrid.

Ceremony was held last Thursday and there were a lot of people. I went to two graduation ceremonies before, my cousin's and my sister's. Both of them happened to be in fields that had few students and they both graduated off season too. So I had the impression that it'll be a nice, quiet affair. We also had to pay for tickets instead of going for free like the other ceremonies, which should have lessen the number of attendees. But no. There were so many people I couldn't even find my family and also my calls were dropped continuously when they normally worked find.

Anyway, grades just came out and it's official that I have won't have to go back for any reasons. ^_^ On a side note, don't you hate it when teacher uses only A, B, C grading scale without the +/-. I was only 1% off from the next grade level, but got the same grade as someone who got 9% lower. Since the school calculates GPA on a +/- scale, that just reduced the GPA for that class by 0.3 point.

2 Responses to “Freedom”

  1. Jerry Says:

    I can't believe they don't use the +/- system at your school! That is frustrating and it leads to some confusion as to who performed at what level. Here in Europe my school uses a 6-point scale, but they can use half-points on everything but the final grade. This means that you have some insurance that if you are doing well (but between a 5 and a 6) then they can see that you were closer to the 6 and round up!

  2. kimiko Says:

    My school does use the /- system. It's just this one class that doesn't. No two classes, based on the syllabi. But since I don't know my grade on one of the final, I can't really tell what exactly my points was on the other class. Ah well, I wasn't expecting much this semester since I was so tired and wanted to give up all the time. Still, seeing that solid B after the fact was kind of depressing.

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