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What I have been up to

December 30th, 2009 at 02:11 am

I would love to say that I spent several days after graduation sleeping like the dead but sadly that didn't happened. Got a temporary promotion to a higher classification, with salary increase of 19.8%. This means that my regular hour now pay the same as old pay + shift differential. This would have been really sweet except night shift is not available for this new position. It looks a little better on the resume though, so that's a plus.

It was touch and go for a while there with the approval from the top given the current state of the budget and all but it went through right before my last final. I had to go to HR to submit my application the day before final. Since this change was somewhat last minute it threw a wrench into my already planned out schedule. I spent most of my time trying to convince my coworkers to switch shifts with me whenever possible and to cover for me otherwise. Lost the opportunity to sign up for work on Sunday for the next six months as well as a lot of hours, but my schedule for next month is finally settled.

My parents are also planning to visit my grandparents this coming lunar new year and wanted to brings the videos they took last time to show everybody. We're speaking of videos on tape from 5 years ago and they want DVD version of them with crisp images and clear audio. I haven't even so much as touched a video recorder in all my years, but since I studied various fields of engineering for several years, I'm expected to make it happened.

Spent a lot of time researching and ran into so many issues from software compatibility to memory constraint to poor quality videos, etc... you name it. After spending several days and numerous attempts at importing the videos, I finally had to go and ordered a firewire card.

It made the process so much easier, but still took an additional 20 hours just to make copies. Parents are finally happy with the quality of the videos and now they want edited versions with all the jazz. I'm going to get to know video editing softwares really well after this.

Other than that, I've been spending my time cleaning and gaming Big Grin

I got so many games to play through, most of which I stopped right before the final bosses so I still don't know how they end. I did finish Chrono Cross and I'm now working on FF VII.

Didn't even bother trying for perfect game this time around since spending hundreds of hours stats building/leveling was what caused me to stop playing in the first place. Got to say, most of the playable characters were really redundant. Out of the 40 or so characters I recruited, I only ever used 6 or 7 at the most. I'm so not looking forward to getting the 108 stars of destiny in Suikoden III now. Oh, and the so call good ending really sucks.

2 Responses to “What I have been up to”

  1. Petunia Says:

    Congratulations on your graduation! (I missed that post.) That is a big accomplishment. You're in good company - I didn't sleep like the dead after I finished college either. I won't bore you with what I did do, but it wasn't restful!

  2. kimiko Says:

    Thanks Smile

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