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Joining the drug store game

February 5th, 2010 at 10:24 pm

I've been mad busy this past month. Between working like crazy, studying for the CPA exam, and fending for myself now that my parents are off on their months long vacation, there are hardly anytime left for me to do anything else. I was seriously spoiled while I was in school. I didn't have to worry about housework at all before, now I have to remember to get the mail, take out the trash, do the laundry, clean the house, water the plants, turn down the thermostats when I leave, etc.... The list just goes on and on. I also broke the washing machine when I washed my pillow so now it takes even more time to do the laundry. The rice cooker also died at the same time, although not because I did anything. After 10 years of continuous 24/24 usage it finally ran out of steam.

Anyway, I went and bought this rice cooker from Costco.

It cooks regular white rice, quick rice for when you're short on time, brown rice and can also steams stuff. Looks good right? Well, looks can be deceiving. It can cook rice quite well, but if you leave the rice on warm for a couple of hours, your nice pot of rice will be ruined. The temperature for warm function is set too high causing the rice in contact with the pot to dry out, as if it has been out in the air for several days. The evaporated moisture is then condensed and dropped down to the rice in the middle, turning it into mushy congee.

I search for some info on it and found out that the tempt is high to prevent the rice from going bad. I couldn't believe the number of comments on how rice develops bacteria in just a few hours. Obviously these people are non-rice eater. Rice left outside, in hot and humid tropical weather, can last the whole day without going bad. I ate rice my entire life and I've never gotten sick from it. My rice is not cooked daily. I cook a full pot and leave it on warm for 3-4 days while I slowly finish it.

I ended up returning that one and ordered the same model as my old one.

Had to wait a week for it since the one made in Japan is only available online. Stores nearby have the same cooker, but made in China, for half the price but I couldn't buy those. Reviews from everyone I've know, who bought the China version, have been terrible. Anyway, an entire week without rice made me extremely irritable.

I also got started on the drug stores game and boy is it fun Big Grin


So far, I've spent $6 out of pocket for:

. .

And got back $6 ECB for my next purchase.

Rite Aid

Received $.50 for buying



Got to find a way to get rid of the Ousts though since I don't use them.

8 Responses to “Joining the drug store game”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    possibly if you grew up eating rice that has been sitting for a few days then your body has developed a natural immunity to the bacteria that it grows - on the other hand, i have recieved food poisoning from rice twice, so I know it can happen.

  2. whitestripe Says:

    * and I am a regular 'rice eater' Smile

  3. kimiko Says:

    I haven't always eat rice that has been sitting for a few days. Back when I was living with my extended family, we have to cook fresh rice for every meal, simply because there were too many people and not enough rice. So it's not like I grew up with it. It's only the past 10 years since we got the rice cooker. Although I always washed the rice three times before cooking and keep it separate from all other foods. Rice that has been mixed with other cooked foods will spoil very quickly even if you put it in the fridge.

  4. whitestripe Says:

    ok. sorry???

  5. anonymous Says:

    I agree with Whitestripe. You should not eat old rice.


    Read this link for reasons why:

  6. kimiko Says:

    There's nothing to be sorry for. I can't express my tone of voice through my written words very well, so it come out badly sometime.

  7. whitestripe Says:

    lol. gotcha Smile internet tends to do that!

  8. Jerry Says:

    I miss our rice cooker! It was older than dirt, but it worked great. I have seen newer models that weren't haf as good... but when we moved overseas there was not enough room in the luggage for it. Cooking the rice in a regular saucepan really leads me to appreciate the convenience of the rice cooker. And if you found a good one that offers some insurance of not scorching the rice when it's "warming" it, all the better! I hope the Japanese one works well for you.

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