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This and that

February 26th, 2010 at 12:13 pm

I initially started this for fun, but it looks like it may be profitable too.

Drug store game records

CPA exam is delayed again. Argh! I'm so frustrated. Why did it take so long to have that degree conferred? Review should have been done when I submitted that graduation application. Unofficial transcript was recently updated but official one is still not ready, which means it's impossible for me to take the exam I had planned for the end of this month. Next available window is all the way in April. I'm going to need to take Reg in that window, otherwise the data will be updated to 2010 info.

Been looking at real estate lately too. Townhouses in my neighborhood, with 1-2 bedrooms and 1-2 car ports are hovering around $100k to $150k. After $30k down and using 6% for 25 years for calculation, the monthly payment range from $700 to $1000. Add in property tax, insurance and home association fee, the total is very much within my reach. I want to buy one so badly right now.

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  1. Jerry Says:

    Administrative issues can be a huge pain. I am already sure that I will need to start a year in advance for my own paperwork from my school (I am overseas) so that it won't lead to problems later. There is never any insurance that you will get the papers that you need when you need them... I was just reading about a service for doctors in the US that actually keeps certified copies of everything on file, just for that reason!

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